Friday, September 28, 2007

Mirrors my own thinking...

I am a confirmed Apple fan and user. I own several Apple computers, an iPod, Airport, etc., stock in the firm, and have made Mac users out of my entire family and many friends, and even chance acquaintances. As a computer teacher, I have made more converts to Mac. I have been responsible for hundreds of sales over the years of everything from computers to iPod (even before I bought stock).

I have been waiting for and requesting a product like iPhone for years.

However, that said, I am not like some of the apparently brain-dead Mac addicts I see on these pages. I am sick and tired of Apple’s often imperious and non-responsive ways - often directed at those of us who have helped them to even survive this long.

They (and some of the posters!) seem to think that it’s OK that they can “punish” us for “hacking” iPhones - who do they think they are? Our daddies? We should have had the right from the outset to choose our own providers. For a number of reasons, I will NEVER use AT&T (or the chosen providers in Europe, where I am currently residing, who are even worse than AT&T).

I advise every iPhone or Mac product user to write Apple, (as I have), and tell Steve and his merry men that we are NOT going to roll over and succumb to this BS.

I will not buy or use one (as much as I would love one) until they fix the glitches, add 3G capability, add some needed features, and fix a few other deficiencies, and most particularly until they drop the notion that Apple can dictate to us what providers and services we will use.

As for those of you defending Apple and Steve on this - all I can say is that I hope your collective lobotomies heal some day. Being a dedicated fan and user does NOT mean I will roll over for anything some corporate fascist tells me to. Apple is again exhibiting some nasty traits I never liked in them OR the Dark Side they are starting to resemble in more than their choice of chips - those of a megalomaniac control freak.

— Posted by F. J. Taylor

VOIP on iPhone

YES!. Finally some great news for us iPhone people.

This is sure to piss off AT&T.... pity...

Although with the whole rigmarole with getting my glass replaced, I am still a bit disillusioned with how Apple is treating its customers...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


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